Jinan government leader visit our factory

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On March 9, Zhao Ning, Director of the Economic Development Bureau of Huaiyin Economic Development Zone in Jinan, Chang Yi, Deputy Director, and Huang Yongcheng and their staff visited Shandong Warner Medical Devices Co., Ltd. to investigate the production of mask workshops.

   The head of Huana Medical and the general manager of marketing department accompanied the investigation.

Director Zhao Ning and his delegation extended their cordial condolences and concern to Huana Medical.

He pointed out that the production of masks is related to the overall situation of Jinan’s economic and social development. It is necessary to accelerate the production progress of enterprise projects and take active and effective measures to ensure the smooth and rapid development of mask production.

   Director Zhao Ning listened to the progress of the Huana Medical Mask production line in detail.

   Sun Guangming said that at present the company’s internal mask production work is proceeding in an orderly manner, and thanks to the leaders of the Economic Development Bureau of the Development Zone for their care and support.

   He also detailed the production process in the workshop, and Huana Medical now has a sterilization workshop above 100,000 and a fully automatic high-speed mask production line.

Aseptic workshop

   The movements of the workers in the packaging workshop are smooth and orderly, and everyone is actively involved in their work.

   Faced with this situation, Director Zhao Ning and his team expressed their great gratification and commended Huana for the speed. From the critically ordered transfer of masks to the current production and packaging market, the work of all departments has been carried out in an orderly manner, reflecting the social responsibility of Huana Medical. He has taken an important mission with practical actions at all times.

   Huana used their hard work and hard work to compose a hymn for Huana Speed! Next, Warner Medical will continue to work together with governments at all levels to overcome the difficulties and use practical actions to fight the epidemic!

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