Huana Medical Equipment: History and Products

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3 Layer Non-Surgical Face Mask

A face mask is an important protective equipment needed in a lot of industries in the world, especially in the industrial sector. But nothing can beat its use in the medical industry. In order to provide great health care safely, medical frontliners need to wear face masks. Huana Medical Equipment is one of the equipment manufacturers dedicated to supplying the medical market with high quality personal protective equipment.


HUANA Medical Equipment is a medical equipment manufacturer located at Shandong Province. It specializes in producing single-use surgical face masks and other PPEs. The company is also an established supplier of high-class PPEs internationally. Face masks and PPEs are distributed in the US via Sungo Technical Service Inc. and is approved by the US Food & Drug Administration. With over a decade of experience, Huana has been putting quality first before anything else to fulfill the needs of its customers.

  • First-Class materials
  • Competent research and development
  • Strict Quality Control and High Product Standard
  • Excellent after-service support
  • Production with state of the art and advanced technology

All of Huana’s products are manufactured and distributed under compliance with international standards. This includes ISO, CE, and FDA standards. Committed to giving the highest customer satisfaction, Huana implements a full-series after-sales Service System and OEM/ODM services that cover all its products. You can learn more about Huana’s products and equipment below.

Products Offered By HUANA

Because of its commitment to supplying high-quality PPEs, Huana’s product motto is “basic goods done well”. The company is only selling three official products as of the moment: disposable surgical face masks, KN95 Face Masks, and disposable protective clothing. Customers can get customizations (such as size and specific markings) depending on the needs of the frontliners or the clients. You can get an instant quote for free by sending an inquiry on the contact page.

1.    Disposable Surgical Face Mask

Huana manufactures high-quality face masks for protection in the medical world. The disposable masks are certified anti-dust, anti-pollution, and skin-friendly. It is made with the best materials with a state of the art technologies that ensure its durability and efficacy. Each mask is inspected for quality assurance based on international standards to avoid delivering faulty masks. Once ordered, the products are shipped within 24 to 48 hours. One needs to use the mask within a year.

In addition to its durability and three layers of protection, Huana face masks have a high flash point to prevent it from catching fire. It can filter out pollutants and dust without inhibiting breathing. Huana maintains non-dust workshops (including head-to-toe equipment for production line) to keep the mask in a sterile condition.

1.    KN95 Face Mask

The KN95 is the leveled up protection needed by medical professionals and other frontliners. It is made with superior protection against harmful contaminants in mind. This mask is designed to minimize air leakage to prevent contaminants, pollutants, viruses, and bacteria, as well as dust. Huana makes sure that all KN95 masks they produce pass the quality standards used by all EU and FDA regulations, as well as the national standard GB 2626 respiratory protection.

Unlike consumer-grade masks, the KN95 face mask can withstand higher temperatures in harsher weathers. It also contains a removable filtration system that can be cleaned for continuous usage. The user can comfortably breathe without compromising safety and protection while using this respirator. Take note that KN95 respirators are for professional usage only. If you want a consumer-grade product, you can get an N95 Mask instead.

1.    Disposable Protective Clothing

Another mainline product of Huana Medical Equipment is its disposable protective clothing. These clothing are for frontline health workers, as well as CDC personnel that works in cases that need direct contact. The company makes sure that the production of these clothing takes place in a sanitary workshop. This is to make sure that the final product will be sterile and highly hygienic upon reaching the final user. All of Huana’s protective clothing is available in both L and XL sizes.

Huana’s protective clothing is designed for different industries as well, not only for medical usage. Users in the fields of food workshops, disinfection, radiation protection, and other industries can count on the product’s quality and durability. It is made of strong and lightweight materials for overall protection and comfort.

HUANA Product FAQs

1.    What Form Of Payment Do You Accept?

Huana Medical Equipment accepts all forms of payment available right now. This includes cash, electronic payments, private pay, and more. The company aims to supply the needs of professionals and consumers who want to access PPEs.


2.    Minimum Order Quantity

There is a minimum quantity for all international orders. This is for resellers who are planning to resell Huana products to the end consumers. Still, if you want to resell in a smaller quantity, contact the Huana customer representatives for better specification and instant quotation of price.


3.    Product Warranty

Huana is committed to creating affordable, accessible, and satisfactory products for its consumers. But even with this policy, the company knows that unexpected things can happen, that’s why they would try to resolve all customer issues. If you have an inquiry or problems with your product, you can contact the customer service department via the contact form on the official website.


4.    Shipping Fees

Huana offers both express and sea freight options for its customers. Usually, the company recommends getting the express method if the supplies are needed as soon as possible. But for bigger orders, sea freight is the best solution. For the shipping rates, please contact the customer service department.


5.    Relevant Documentation

Each package released by the company is accompanied by important documentations. This includes insurance, certificate of conformance, origin, and export documents. Proper usage of masks is already stated in the packaging of the product.


Whether you’re an individual or an organization in need of new PPEs, Hanua has the perfect product for your needs. For more inquiries, you can contact Huana Medical Equipment in the following contact details: [email protected].