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KN95 Mask

Huana Medical is professional KN95 Mask manufacturer in China, with strict quality control for the quality and manufacturing process, we are confident to say our KN95 mask is quality to export any country without any problem,and we have received repeated orders for the KN95 mask during COVID-19 .Contact us now to protect your people against the world virus.

Get KN95 Face Mask to Protect People against COVID

We manufacture an KN95 face mask made from superior quality materials with good quality N95 mask making machine. As a reliable manufacturer, Huana medical is glad to provide the latest products to enhance the outlook of your products.

Welcome to Huana Medical! The Number One Place to Buy KN95 Face Mask

Millions of people around the globe turn to us for professionally made top-quality Personal Protective Equipment. Huana Medical produces great medical workwear and protective equipment for both healthcare professionals and private individuals.

All of our products are available and ready to be shipped directly to your workplace, establishment or home. Our stock is certified in accordance with the new PPE EU Regulations and stringently tested to be sure that our products provide superior protection for you, your staff and your community.

On our online store you will find a range of protective safety equipment that will successfully defend your health from toxic or infected environments:

KN95 Respirator Masks for Effective Face Protection

Our medical experts and equipment designers are at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus and the spread of other respiratory diseases. With significant community-based transmission rates, face masks and other protective equipment is essential protection against the coronavirus. Medical workers, in particular, are vulnerable to contracting viruses, and governments and hospitals are doing their utmost to protect their staff, patients and members of the public. Our products include face shields, protective coverings, gloves, surgical masks, and protective gowns, and disposable coveralls. Our team of medicals and scientific designers have made the products durable, flexible, comfortable, and secure.

The KN95 Respirator mask is premium quality, made of durable and medically engineered material, the KN95 provides solid protection, allowing the wearer to feel relieved and safe. With excellent state-of-the-art filtration efficiency, you are protected against airborne bacteria, germs and viruses that travel through the air and threaten the mouth and nasal passages. We have KN95 Respirator masks in stock now, we can provide fast and efficient delivery.

KN95 Masks – Secure and Professional Medical Protection

The KN95 facemask is our most popular product. It offers superior protection against harmful and contaminated particles.Mouth MasksThe KN95 is a great option if you are looking for optimal protection for yourself, or your staff. Our masks meet all EU regulations and Chinses BG2626 standards for filtration efficiency of non-oily particles.

The KN95 Offers Superior Protection

The complex medical design allows the wearer to breathe smoothly without restriction, and the advanced filtration system ensures that only clean and uncontaminated air may enter the mask.
Our KN95 masks have the ability to block out 95% percent of particles and harmful bacteria that may be present in the air that you breathe. Our use of advanced electrostatic medium technology enhances the ability of particle capture and reduces respiratory difficulty and humidity caused by exhalation.

Not all masks are made equal, in this instance the KN95 is the most effective and

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durable mask in the prevention of disease contraction and at the forefront in the fight against spreading infection.

Durability, Reliability and Resistance

The KN95 has saved millions of people from potentially fatal exposure for decades, with its enhanced and innovative medical technology. Ever since the SARS outbreak in 2002, millions of people worldwide have relied on the KN95 mask to create a reliable barrier of protection for the mouth and nose.

KN95 masks offer a higher level of breathing protection then other masks. Although their appearance is similar to dust and other face masks, they are specially designed to fit snugly around the face and minimise air leakage. Unlike industrial or other surgical masks and respirators, KN95 Respirators are subject to intense testing which involves exposure to extreme environments and highly contaminated zones.

Protection in All Environments

KN95 Respirator masks not only protect against virus’s and bacteria. They are also the most effective product available for protection against air pollution. Numerous Biosafety tests have confirmed that the KN95 is the best at keeping out polluted droplet-sized particles and water vapour.

Our KN95 mask is equipped with five-layered anti-bacterial active carbon filters, that deliver x5 more protection from external threats and airborne contaminates. The lightweight and humidity-resistant design allows the mask to be used when running, cycling, polishing, wood-processing, grass-cutting and other outdoor activities.

Easy Cleaning and Safe to Reuse

Due to the nature of the durable material and removable filtration system, our KN95 masks are easy to clean and maintain for continued use. The material can be cleaned frequently and withstand high temperatures, so you can disinfect your mask without worrying about degrading the material. The KN95 is effectively cleaned using most household detergents and anti-bacterial liquids without affecting the quality of the mask, our damaging the anti-leakage seal In the event that you do not have access to household detergents, hot soapy water

can be used to clean the mask thoroughly. The lightweight and thin fibres mean that your mask will dry quickly, and we always recommend that you only use your mask once completely dry. We also recommend that the mask be cleaned after every use.

If the mask becomes heavily soiled with a potentially contaminated substance and regular cleaning methods will be ineffective at cleaning any mask, discard and use a new clean mask as soon as possible.

A Comfortable and Secure Fit

 The most important aspect of any facemask is to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. All face masks must be fitted securely in order for them to work properly and the KN95 is no exception. Therefore, we have made the KN95 mask application as easy as possible.

The mask comes in one size, but is made to be flexible so it will stretch over any face shape or size without compromising its functionality. In order to ensure that your mask is fitted snugly and is fitted correctly, please read the following suggestions:

Check the fit of your mask before entering any high risk infection zone, or coming into contact with people who are possibly carrying infections (such as colleagues, patients or public situations where social distancing is not possible) check that your mask is fitted securely all the way across your face, fully covering both your nose and mouth.

Breathable Face MasksSecure the elasticated ear-loops all the way around the ears to prevent the mask from slipping or moving unnecessarily. The natural protective fibres are used to make the mask to give flexible and comfortable fit and additional comfort, but the mask should not move in such a way that leaves the nose or mouth exposed.

Trim or remove facial hair before applying the mask. Fair fibres and strands prevent close contact between the mask and the skin, meaning that the air-locking technology featured in the masks design may be compromised.

If you are at all unsure, always refer to the manufacturing instructions which come accompanied with your purchase of the KN95 mask.

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KN95, N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks – What’s the Difference?

KN95 and N95 respirator masks and surgical masks (face masks) are items of personal protective equipment that have been specially designed to keep out airborne particles and contaminated liquid droplets.

It is important to understand that to guarantee the highest levels of protection from contagions, hand-washing, and social distancing measures must be followed, but Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is the first line of defence against viral transmission. Different face masks are required depending on the situation and likely levels of exposure. Below is a short guide to how N95 and Surgical Masks compare to the efficiency and design of the KN95 Respirator Mask

N95 Respirators

The FDA recommends that N95 respirators can be used by the general public, healthcare workers and medical professionals. In fact, masks in general are an essential piece of equipment for medical staff.

Although N95 masks do offer protection, KN95 respirator masks are of superior quality and have been designed for an even closer fit to the face, providing securer coverage of the nose and mouth with a specialised seal that lines the outer edges of the mask.

Like the KN95, N95 material is formed in layers, but not as many as featured in the KN95. The KN95 has a unique specialized filtration system that provides additional protection from airborne particles and droplets. KN95 and N95s are rigorously tested for particulate filtration efficiency and fluid resistance, and the KN95 ranks higher in all scientific tests. N95 masks should never be shared or reused, doing so may compromise their effectiveness. Whereas KN95 masks sold on our site allow for easy cleaning and reuse.

Some N95 respirators can make it difficult to breathe, and those with respiratory problems or any other chronic or cardiac conditions must be careful when purchasing or using some N95 respiratory masks. However, our KN95 masks are designed to allow for a steady flow of clean air to circulate within the mask, alleviating any breathing difficulties or restrictions.

All FDA N95 approved masks are for single use only. They are designed for safe disposal, so if own an N95 mask that becomes soiled or damaged, remove it immediately and dispose of it as soon as possible. Be sure to secure a new mask before entering any medical areas, high infection zones, or coming into contact with patients or colleagues.

The National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) in the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is responsible for the regulation and testing of KN95 Respirator masks and surgical masks. The products we sell meet and exceed the criteria of safe KN95 mask use, reuse and daily wear. Our KN95masks protect not just from microorganisms, but from surgical smoke, bacteria, fungi, and other affecting microbes and allergenicity.

In addition, our KN95 respirator masks contain layers and coating technologies that trap and kill any invading microorganisms or viruses. Any particulates that fall on, or enter the fabric of the mask will be killed upon contact, further reducing the risk of transmission and infection.

Surgical Masks (Face Masks)

Simple face mask

Surgical masks are the more common, looser fitting mask that creates a facial barrier between the wearer and potential contagions and bacterial threats. In the absence of a KN95 Respirator, a surgical mask is effective at blocking out some potentially harmful bacteria and pollutants. and The FDA has approved the use of these masks by the general public, as the level of protection they provide is sufficient to protect commuters, shoppers, and other individuals going about their daily activity. However, the mask is for single use only, and should be discarded after every use.

The masks should be worn directly over both the nose and mouth, flexible ear-loops are protected to secure the mask and ensure full coverage across the vulnerable features of the face. Once the mask is applied, do not adjust or interfere with the mask unless absolutely necessary.

In contrast to the KN95’s Five-layer protection, surgical masks only feature a double-layer of protective fabric, offering some protection both the wearer and other individuals. The mask filters out large particles in the air and provides adequate protection against droplets, mild splashes, and sprays that may be contaminated with bacteria. Therefore, the use of surgical masks is not particularly advised if you are entering a heavily crowded area, KN95s are the most effective masks in crowded areas where you are more likely to be exposed to harmful airborne particles. However, surgical masks do offer some level of protection against coughs and sneezes from those who may be infected. Surgical masks are also effective at filtering out saliva and other liquid secretions from the mouth of the wearer, reducing transmission rates among the general populace. 


The Benefits of Purchasing Professional Facial Protection Equipment

Our surgical and KN95 masks, surgical gowns, gloves and other protective wear are vigorously tested and continuously updated to provide the highest levels of protection against viral infections and other contractable respiratory diseases. 

As of 2009 manufacturers are required to demonstrate that their products are of superior quality in order to obtain clearance to sell. We conduct filter tests using biological organism aerosol, and the results are regulated by a third party, so customers can be confident that the mask they are purchasing can offer the full protection that they need.

Facial medical masks and other bodily equipment is made from nonwoven fabric created during what is known as ‘melt- blowing’ processes. This process means that there are no non-essential holes present in the material and that air is properly filtered by directing the flow to pass through a series of anti-bacterial vents. Medical masks are usually two or three-ply, meaning that several layers of non-woven fabric provide extra protection and peace of mind for the wearer.

The material is water-resistant and kills all bacteria present on the surface. They are FDA approved and arrive in airtight, non-contaminated packaging.

Information Summary of our KN95 Respirator Masks Compared to Our Standard Surgical Masks KN95 Respirator Masks

Our KN95 face masks are FDA approved valve Particulate Respirators. They are ideal for protection against contaminated air, pollen, and dust particles, where the virus may have settled on the surface.

The front valve allows for an unrestricted flow of air to enter and leave the mask, whilst the specialized coated layer of anti-bacterial fabric kills offending bacteria or viruses that may enter the mask and put your health at risk. A particulate resistant seal surrounds the outer edges of the mask, providing full facial coverage and security.

The specially designed fabric guards against surgical smoke, and is also water-resistant and capable of protection against heavy soiling. If heavy soiling occurs please remove the mask immediately and replace it for a clean and unused KN95 respirator.

The adjustable nose piece and straps provide the ultimate comfort for long term use. The disposable fabric means that you can safely discard the mask after use in both medical and general waste.

Our KN95 Respirator is highly recommended for use by medical personnel and designed to withstand demanding and heavily contagious environments. The product is available for delivery to most regions and express delivery options are available. All of our products are covered under warranty.

Surgical Masks (Standard Face Mask)

Our surgical masks guard against dust, pollen, air pollution, and all particulates that may be contaminated by viral bacteria.

We highly recommend the daily use of surgical masks for members of the general public and healthcare providers. They are made with double-layered thick particle resistant material that is strong enough to filter out harmful entities whilst providing comfort and softness on the face.

The design is universal, the mask will safely cover across the nose and mouth of persons of any face size or shape. The mask features stretchy elastic ear-loops that stretch around the ear and secures the mask without discomfort.

Our surgical masks are FDA approved and suitable for wide application. The specially designed protective material is thin allowing for easy and unrestricted airflow, whilst acting as an effective filter against harm extremities. They can be worn whilst shopping and commuting, but also while doing gardening work, industrial produce work, cleaning, and cooking.

Click the link below for useful tips about KN95 Respirator Mask maintenance, Mask usability and product review!

Huana Medical KN95 Face Mask Machine- The Ultimate FAQ:

Public confusion and mass panic have gripped the public over the past few months. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the fast spread of the virus has made is all the more aware of the fragile our public infrastructure and personal health can really be

It has been medically proven that PPE, especially face KN95 face masks, provides additional protection for the wearer, and that regular, daily use during a pandemic is advisable. Our FDA and CDC approved KN95 masks are essential items in the fight against the coronavirus and the spread of other infectious respiratory diseases.

Our KN95 Respiratory Masks and other Personal Protective Equipment are manufactured in line with government and medical requirements and can be trusted to offer the level of protection that needed to keep individuals safe and stop the spread of the coronavirus and other harmful pathogens

Do Face Masks Work?

Yes, Face Masks absolutely do work. They are specially designed to defend the wearing from inhaling dangerous and contaminated particles through their nose and mouth. In the case of N95 masks, a special seal coats the outer rim of the mask, ensuring that the masks are closely sitting and airtight, so they are highly effective in ‘Red’ contamination zones, and highly infected areas, such as acute medical wards in hospitals and infected homes of patients.

Surgical masks are the looser fitting masks that are generally worn by the public. They provide effective protection against airborne particles and also protect the wearer from transmission infections to others via saliva and other liquid secretions that may come from the nose and mouth when sneezing, coughing, or even talking. Wearing a mask over your face is a great way to both reduce your chances of contracting the virus and potentially spreading it to others.

Do Face Masks Protect Against the Coronavirus?

Like most other viruses, what we know about the coronavirus is that it is spread through our vulnerable cavities such as the nose and mouth. The nose and mouth are especially vulnerable to catching the virus from other people, due to their position on the body. Our mouths and noses are forward-facing, meaning they are the most vulnerable and first part of the body to receive a virus if you are exposed to a person who is coughing or sneezing close by or even someone who is talking to you.

The virus thrives in wet and warm environments, so the nose and mouth are perfect breeding grounds for any kind of virus or bacteria. The coronavirus behaves in a similar way to influenza, and studies have shown that mask-wearing is effective in protecting one from influenza-like viruses and other bacteria that attack the respiratory system.

In regards to this strain of coronavirus, it is very new and so long-term studies are underway but have yet to be concluded enough to specifically advise the use of masks specifically for this strain. However, based on previous influenza research, reliable sources and medical experts advise the use of masks as a precautionary measure against contracting the coronavirus

Do Face Masks Expire?

Face masks, as well as other wearable medical equipment, do have an expiration date. In regards to medical face masks, they expire due to the degradable nature of the protective coating on the mask that kills viruses on contact, and the type of material used to create the piece. For standard masks, it is advisable to dispose of your mask within 24 hours. However, with safe washing and cleaning the KN95 mask can be reused several times without compromising the effectiveness of the protective material and anti-bacterial coating.

If you are wearing a standard mask without a protective coating, and have no access to any new masks of any kind, you can wash a mask 1 or 2 times to give yourself some degree of protection. This method it is not as effective as using a new or newly cleaned KN95 Respirator mask, but still better than no mask at all. Therefore, it is advised that you wash a mask between uses, only if this is your only option and that they mask is discarded permanently as soon as possible and new mask is obtained, preferably a KN95 if you need maximum protection and a reusable system.

Regular masks must be discarded to decrease the chances of particle build-up or the natural degradation of the material used to make the mask. Most masks are made from fabric that is inferior to the KN95 Mask, and natural degradation of the fabric used in standard masks can lead to holes, rips, and tears in the material. Leaving your face vulnerable to exposure and rendering the mask ineffective.

Which Mask Would You Recommend to a Healthy Person While They Work?

We would definitely recommend the KN95 as the mask of choice when it comes to working both outdoors and indoors.

Not only is the level of protection the most advanced on the market, the KN95 is lightweight and breathable compared to the heavier and less comfortable N95 masks.

KN95s have specialised material and anti-slip technology that allows the wearer to breathe freely, even if the work you are undertaking is strenuous and breathing is heavy. The protective seal that surrounds the mask will keep the mask in place no matter the level of activity your job or activity involves. KN95s will stay secure whether your running, jumping, lifting, or even hanging upside down!

Unlike the N95 which has been reported by users as being hard to wear for long periods and difficult to breathe in, the KN95 features anti-humidity fabric, so exhalations will not make the masks hot, or steam up glasses or goggles.

However, if for any reason you are unable to get to a KN95, a standard surgical mask certainly offers a good level of protection. They can be worn comfortably as the material is lightweight and breathable, however they do not offer the same level of protection as KN95 as they fit loosely around the face, and do not feature as many protective layers, also the chances of slipping during heavy activity is increased

Where Should I Buy My Face Mask?

We advise that you buy, rather than make or frequently reuse, a face mask from our site. By doing so, you can rest assured that your mask is 100% effective and offers full and adequate protection for your daily needs.

Buying a mask from a reputable and experienced medical supplier like us means that the masks you receive will be of superior quality. Our masks are subject to robust testing measures and have been created using the latest in anti-viral medical technology.

We go to great lengths to make our masks durable, long-lasting, comfortable, and easy to wear. Our filtration systems for both the KN95 and our general surgical masks make breathing easy as the airflow is cleaned and allowed to pass freely through the specialized vents. Any offending particles will be attracted to and trapped by localized vents, that will then kill and harmful bacteria or particulate that lands upon contact.

This level of protection is guaranteed if you buy your masks from our website. All products are securely sealed in airtight containers that have been subject to special vacuum sealing methods that withdraw any potentially threatening or harmful particles or aerosols that may be present.

Our stock of KN95 Respirator masks is full and constantly replenished, so you can rely on us to have the stock ready and available for purchase when you need it. We have a variety of shipping options and can even organise regular automated deliveries of masks for companies, hospitals, institutions and premises if you require a continuous supply. You can rest easy and have peace of mind, knowing that your deliveries and orders are all organised and prepared well in advance.

We also provide a fast delivery service, so you can be prepared at short notice. Our reliable couriers deliver to regions worldwide, so we can provide protective wear and support to our customers no matter where they are, or what time of day it is.

Do You Sell Any Other Products that Provide Additional Protection for the Face?

Our site features a number of additional protective items for purchase. You may be interested in purchasing additional products if you are required to undertake an activity that may put you at greater or regular risk than the average individual or medical professional.

We like to give our customers as much choice as possible, so we recommend the following items to add an additional layer of protection so you can go about your day feeling safe and secure.

Protective Safety Goggles

Protective safety goggles provide advanced protection for your eyes against external threats and harsh environments. The unique and highly durable design is specialised to keep your eyes from flying particles, acids or caustic liquids, light radiation, liquid and vapour-based chemicals and even molten metal.

Diligent eye protection is essential for any workplace that may put you in contact with any objects, substances or any activities that may cause temporary or permanent damage to the eyes. Our Goggles are unisex and come with an adjustable head strap so you can securely fit the goggles to your unique face shape. The adjustable nature of the goggles ensures that the product fits snugly against the face and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Our Protective Safety Goggles meet ANSI Z-87 guidelines and are CE and FDA approved. The goggles are subject to robust testing measures, can guarantee a high standard of impact protection and are made using superior safety material. Our safety goggle frames are more durable and sturdier than regular framed goggles. They are made with specialised shatter-resistant material, including the side shields.

Due to the vigorous testing procedure and adjustable straps, it is 100% safe to wear our safety goggles all day. No harm will come to your eyes and your vision will not be affected if worn correctly.

When fitting the goggles to your face, make sure that the frames and your face fit snugly, and the googles should not move our slide when the head is moved from side to side, or up and down. If the goggles slide, tighten the adjustable strap at the back of the head to secure a snug fit. Alternatively, if the goggles feel too tight or cause dark red marks around the face, this is an indicator that the goggles may be too tight. Adjust the straps in the reverse position to loosen the googles slightly, so the goggles are secured comfortably on the face.

The types of eye safety equipment you should wear depends on the hazards in your workplace. We recommend wearing our safety goggles if your work environment, or personal project or activity is likely to make your eye vulnerable to damage and/or contamination.

Face Shields

Our protective face shields are made from the finest quality anti-fog transparent medical material. They provide the perfect protection against external contaminates, blood pathogens, bodily fluids or harmful chemical splashes. Face shields provide full facial protection, covering the eyes, nose and mouth.

They can be comfortably worn over glasses, and offer protection to wearers with short beards and/or facial hair from attracting dangerous particles and trapping harmful virus’s that can make you vulnerable to infection.

Our face shield is light, and comfortable to wear. The shield rotates by 120 degrees allowing for quick and easy adjustment. The Hypoallergenic head band absorbs sweat and allows enough room for safety googles or regular eye glasses to be worn underneath with irritation.

The high-quality plastic covers thickness and clarity means that your vision will be not be impaired and you will benefit from optical quality. Due to the high quality of the plastic shield, it is easy to clean and smear resistant.

We recommend the use of a Face shield if you are in a situation that requires a degree of social distance, or likely to come into frequent contact with infections or diseases. Face shields are particularly recommended to individuals with facial hair for an added layer of protection.

The face shield should be cleaned after every use. Use a reliable and strong disinfectant followed by warm soap and water. The water-resistant nature of the material of the shield means that the mask will dry easily, allowing for quick re-use.

All of our Face shields are vigorously tested and meet FDA guidelines

Your Rights

Your rights as a consumer are especially important to us. That’s why all of our products come under a special warranty. Due to the vigorous testing method our product undergoes, the chances of a customer receiving a faulty product are very low. In any case, we offer full customer protection on all products, and purchases, meaning that you can shop with confidence when you visit our online store.

Our customer service assistants are friendly and knowledgeable experts who are ready to help you with any manner of question or query and are able to assist you with your purchase. If you have additional questions about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact them using the freephone number, or direct email through our website’s contact portal. Our offices are open during normal work hours if your query is urgent and occurs outside of our administration hours, please contact your nearest healthcare provider for medical advice and we will make it our priority to attend to your concerns as soon as possible.

Our Customer Satisfaction Promise

Choosing to purchase your mask with us is a sensible choice that will protect you and your community from promoting the spread of viral infections and help to reduce the pressure placed on local hospitals, healthcare workers and public administration officials.

We guarantee that our products meet and exceed international medical regulations and are endorsed by top medical researchers, scientist and epidemiologists that are conducting cutting edge research into global pandemics and the nature of contagions.

Your health and safety are our number one concern above all else, that’s why we will never sell or promote any products that may compromise public health. Our KN95 masks and other protective equipment will arrive in perfect condition.

For full protection against the coronavirus, and other viral diseases, be sure to wash your hands regularly and refrain from touching your face and shared surfaces. Practice social distancing measures at all times and keep safe, stay inside and together we will combat the coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

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